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Sofie Wanting Hassing


Sofie has a MA in Media Science and Theatre Research at University of Aarhus and University of Copenhagen.
Based in Copenhagen Sofie has worked internationally with films since 2002. With a combined background of film financing, acquisition, distribution, VOD, film rights and co-production she participated in 2011 in the prestigious film business program Inside Pictures.
Recently worked on the Academy-award-winning movie IDA (by Pawel Pawlikowski) as Associate Producer.IDA won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and 68 other film-prizes including 5 EFA-awards and a BAFTA.
Nowadays IDA is sold to more than 65 countries.

Stefan St. Larsen

Sales and Distribution Manager

MA from the Film and Media Studies (University of Copenhagen), Strategic Management (Harvard), Marketing Management and Communications (Copenhagen Business School). He has years of experience in the media and film business focussing on business development, strategic planning and execution. His recent achievements include Oscar, EFA and BAFTA winning campaign work, marketing and extensive international sales and for Ida (Pawel Pawlikowski).

Steven Ocampo

Content & Project Manager

Graduated from The Copenhagen School of Design & Technology, Steven Has a background on product design and development. He is involved in how our business offer their services to the public, mixing his creative skills with a logical approach to maximize sales and product visibility.

Rasmus Ramstad


More than 25 years in the business including the last 15 as President/CEO of AB Svensk Filmindustri, overseeing Film- and Television development, production and distribution.

Svein Risberg

Head of Business Development

More than 25 years of experience in the Film- and TV-industry as a business developer, distributor, content administrator and entrepreneur. Established the first Nordic SVOD channel for children content.

What We Do

Sweet Chili Entertainment is a one-stop-shop solution for distribution including theatrical, TV, DVD and VOD, EST, SVOD platforms.


We ensure industry-standard terms through pre-negotiated deals with VoD platforms with exclusive mandates and coordinate with approved encoding houses and negotiate favourable rates for you.


We ensure industry-standard terms through pre-negotiated deals with VoD platforms with exclusive mandates, tailored to each platform and title.

Production & Financing

We provide financing through public funding (national, supranational), pre-sales, distribution commitment, finance planning and Legal Support

Marketing Follow-Up

At Sweet Chili Entertainment We design customised film pages and ensure proper placement, follow your titles and their visibility to ensure an optimal service, providing you with as much information and transparency as possible.

Material Sources

In this section you can find marketing material from our featured campaigns, including: Basic Info, Posters, Stills, Ads, Logos, in-house material and a lot more.


SweetChili Entertainment distributes films and series in millions of households and across more than 100 countries through the following platforms.

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Contact Sofie Wanting Hassing at sofie[AT]sweetchilient.com .

Contact Stefan Larsen at stefan[AT]sweetchilient.com .

Contact Steven Ocampo at steven[AT]sweetchilient.com .

Contanct Carina Højgaard at csr.ahornvej[AT]gmail.com for any information or inquiries regarding royalty reports, banking details and financial management.

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